Phil Designs, Develops, and Delivers...

a wide range of training programmes.

He customises his approach and methodologies to provide tailored programmes, which meet individual participants needs and of course those of their organisations. He has an unmistakable common sense appeal, ensuring the relevancy of material for course participants. Phil really enjoys what he does… he delivers his training and coaching with a contagious level of enthusiasm. Creating an enjoyable challenging, high-energy atmosphere for all participants, conducive to their full participation and learning. He encourages full involvement in all his sessions, ensuring that everyone who wishes, gets to Contribute, Challenge, and ask plenty of Questions.

“All my training programmes give participants a range of step-by-step approaches & techniques that are based on common sense approaches to tasks, challenges, and problem solving….Turning best practices and theories into meaningful skills for the work place, requires plenty of common sense”.

Adult learning occurs most effectively when the material is relevant and challenging. Also when the contributions of participants is sought, acknowledged and valued. “It`s not just what you say its how you say it…” We all learn things differently; Visually, Auditorial, or Kinestically; in appreciation of this, all Phils programmes use an extensive mix of delivery styles and modes.

Phil’s Customised Training Programmes

All Phil’s in-house programmes are tailor made to the specific needs of his clients. In addition he surveys participants directly in advance of the training to understand their individual requirements.

8 Typical Steps :

1. Briefing Meeting

2. Proposal Presented

3. Client Approval

4. Programme Developed

5. Programme Customised

6. Participants Surveyed

7. Training Delivered

8. Evaluation & Follow Through